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31. <The alphabet is a spiritual currencyciphers. Schl[egel] sen[ior].>

32. LOGIC. Contrasts – are inverse similarities.

33. Playing the coquette with a talent – a sense etc. (Playing the coquette – striving to arouse attention, and hence to please indirectly. In a rhetorical manner.) Schl[egel] sen[ior].>

34. <Concept of a miniature. Schl[egel] sen[ior].>

35. <Phenomenological nature of painting.>

36. THEORY OF ART. On the characterizing element of every composition.

37. <Clothed nature. Tone of the landscape. (Still life.)>

38. THEORY OF ART. CRITIQUE. On the modern principle of the imitation of Nature. / Realization of the apparent. Schl[egel] sen[ior]. /


39. PSYCHOLOGY. One has an inclination for whatever one can do with skill and ease; and a disinclination for the opposite. Our will is either dependent upon + and – inclination, or it is independent.

40. (PSYCHOLOGY). Whatever one will not or cannot grasp and do all at once, one grasps and achieves gradually, and step by step.

(Translation by David W. Wood.)

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