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Notes on This Digital Edition
Table of Contents

Notes on This Digital Edition

Thomas Carlyle<br>(<a href=''></a>)
Thomas Carlyle
This is the original version of Thomas Carlyle's famous essay on Novalis published in 1829 in 'The Foreign Review.' Carlyle's essay itself didn't use headlines whereas this digital edition provides the text divided into seven chapters, each displayed on a separate web page. The table of contents below also contains keywords from the original index in 'The Foreign Review,' same volume, pp. 536.

The original page numbers are given. You will also find your way to the German translation from 1855. The bibliographic record for this essay is:
Carlyle, Thomas. "Novalis." The Foreign Review 4.7 (1829): pp. 97-141.



Table of Contents

I. The 4th Edition of Novalis' Writings and the Methods of Reviewing (pp. 97-103)

his literary character, 100 – Tieck's remarks on his writings, 102

II. Biography of Novalis and Criticism on Tieck (pp. 103-113)

particulars of his life, 103 – his admiration of F. Schlegel and Fichte, 104 – his studies, ibid. – attachment to Sophie von K—, 105 – his affliction on her death, 106 – its effect on his mind, 107 – its influence overrated by his biographer, 108 – he forms another attachment, ibid. – Tieck's acquaintance with him, 110 – his last illness, 111, and death, 112

III. Mysticism, Idealism, Transcendental Philosophy, I and Not-I (pp. 113-119)

his morality, 119

IV. Die Lehrlinge zu Sais (Pupils at Sais) (pp. 119-125)

extracts from his 'Lehrlinge zu Sais,' 120

V. Fragments (pp. 125-131)

from his 'Fragments,' 127

VI. Novalis as Poet: Hymns to the Night, Heinrich von Ofterdingen (pp. 131-137)

his poetical compositions, 131 – his 'Hymns to the Night,' 132 – his romance 'Heinrich von Ofterdingen,' 133

VII. Conclusion: Novalis as "German Pascal" (pp. 137-141)

his subtlety of intellect, 138 – compared to Dante, by Tieck, 139 – bears a greater resemblance to Pascal, 140



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