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11. <History of Nature. Descriptions of Nature. Description of electricity – magnetism etc. (Description of art.) Treatise on the laws of Nature. Algebraization of mathematical laws.>

12. TELEOLOGY. Everything that is desirable to discard is but false opinion – error. Illness and affliction are only such in and through the imagination – they are not to be maintained.

MEDICINE. Benefits of every illness – Poesy of every illness. An illness cannot be life, otherwise the connection with illness would have to elevate our existence.
Continuation of this remarkable thought.

13. <Trade – spirit of trade. / City rights – Forestry rights – National rights or national sovereignty etc.>

14. <Transactions on the whole / More on the unusual indication concerning the differences between theory and praxis. Praxis should become more theoretical.>

15. <One learns trades – machines – sciences – arts – human beings etc. best and most easily through skillful classification, and judicious, successive observation.>

16. PEDAGOGY. Education of children, like the development of an apprentice – not through direct education – but through gradual participation in the activities etc. of adults. /

17. <Boredom is hunger – or asthenic deficiency.
Indirect boredom:
Direct boredom.>

18. <Concept of configuration – symmetry. (Proportions of the body.)>


Limits of painting – and sculpture –
Path of sculpture out of the ideal.
Path of painting into the ideal.

20. SCIENCE OF HISTORY. Transition from the heathen religion (liturgy) to the catholic religion.

(Translation by David W. Wood.)

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