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1. <The large fleshy bodies of seals. Fish.>

2. <perspective stereometrics of painting. (Art of surfaces and lines. Cubic art.)>

3. ART OF POETRY. Epithets of the Greek poets – thoroughly picturesque significance – E.g. In Juno, the eyes set the tone and so on. Theory of ideal proportions.

4. MEDICINE. Proportions of an illness – elementary proportions. – In one illness, the stomach sets the tone, in another, the lungs and so on.

5. <Winckelmann's History of Greek Art.>

6. <Attributes – Signatures. Heraldry. Individuality.>

7. <Was Raphael a painter of the soul? What does that mean?>

8. <At the present time physics is but mass – only consists of isolated masses. There is as yet no physics – there are only isolated physical sciences – perhaps not even physical.>

9. <History of encyclopedistics.>

10. <Romanticizing is similar to algebraicizing – letter to Fr[iedrich Schlegel] – romantic.>

(Translation by David W. Wood.)

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