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Novalis: Fichte Studies. Edited by Jane Kneller. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2003. (ISBN 0-521-64392-9 / 0-521-64353-8.)

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Blurb (Klappentext)

This volume presents the first complete translation of Fichte Studies, a powerful, creative, and sustained critique of Fichtean philosophy by the young philosopher–poet Friedrich von Hardenberg, who under the pen-name Novalis went on to become the most well-known and beloved of the early German Romantic writers. Anyone interested in the fate of German philosophy and literature immediately after Kant will find this collection of notes and aphorisms a treasure-trove of original contributions on the nature of self-consciousness, the relation of art to philosophy, and the nature of philosophical inquiry. There are also the beginnings of a strikingly contemporary-sounding semiotic theory. The text is translated by Jane Kneller, who also provides an introduction situating the Fichte Studies in the context of Novalis' life and work.



Preface vii
Introduction ix
Novalis' Fichte critique
Overview of the Fichte Studies
Recent interpretations of the Fichte Studies
Significance for contemporary philosophy
Chronology xxxv
Further reading xxxviii
Note on the text xli
Fichte Studies
Group I: 1-210 (fall to early winter, 1795) 3
Group II: 211-287 (winter, 1795 to February, 1796) 65
Group III: 288-372 (February–March, 1796) 103
Group IV: 373-552 (March to early summer, 1796) 130
Group V: 553-568 (summer, 1796) 163
Group VI: 569-667 (summer to fall, 1796) 173
Index 195



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