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Aquarium > Neue Bücher > Laurie Ruth Johnson: The Art of Recollection in Jena Romanticism (2002)

Laurie Ruth Johnson: The Art of Recollection in Jena Romanticism. Memory, History, Fiction, and Fragmentation in Texts by Friedrich Schlegel and Novalis. Tübingen: Niemeyer 2002. (ISBN 3-484-18164-8.)

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Blurb (Klappentext)

The Art of Recollection in Jena Romanticism
This exploration of Romantic depictions of memory as a faculty of body as well as of mind analyzes representations of remembrance in Jena Romantic texts. When these texts pose questions about memory's employment and depiction in art – about the aestheticization of recollection – they reveal serious doubt about the explanatory ability of the philosophical, psychological and aesthetic discourses against which Romantic, and modern, thought is constructed.

About the Author

Laurie Johnson's Homepage:


  • Besprechung von Marion Schmaus in Arbitrium 1/2004. S. 74-76.


I. Introduction: Memory and its Objects in Early Romanticism 1
II. Reconciliation and Fragmentation: The Early Romantic Memory Model 9
III. From Recollection to Depiction: An Incipient Crisis of Memory and Representation in Eighteenth-Century Aesthetic Theory 56
IV. Reconstructing Origins: Remembrance in German Idealism 87
V. Novalis's Conceptualizations of Memory and Its Role in Literary and Philosophical Production 103
VI. Memory and History in the Fragments of Friedrich Schlegel 142
VII. Conclusion: Early Romanticism and Later Theories of Memory and Representation 171
Bibliography 182
Index of Names 194

(Every chapter has subchapters, for more detailed information see pages VII and VIII of the book.)



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