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Aquarium > Neue Bücher > Irena Nikolova: Complementary Modes of Representation in Keats, Novalis, and Shelley (2001)

Irena Nikolova: Complementary Modes of Representation in Keats, Novalis, and Shelley. New York u. a.: Peter Lang 2001. (ISBN 0-8204-5239-4)

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Blurb (Klappentext)
Die Autorin

Blurb (Klappentext)

This book explores the crisis of Romantic representation by regarding the literary text not only as a figuration of what lies beyond it, but by also considering how its figures are involved in more complex interactions among inner visions, textual representations, and their subsequent interpretations. This approach to the problem of representation aims at redefining the indeterminacies of the Romantic text by analyzing it in terms of the Romantic process of becoming, of its self-revisions, and self-interpretations. Instead of locating differential structures within the text that denote the impossibility of reconciling conception and expression, this book seeks to reconstruct the text as a totality by suggesting that its different modes of representation do not contradict, but complement each other. The construction of the paradigm of complementarity, based on German Romantic aesthetics and German and English Romantic literature, is positioned as an alternative to the approaches of deconstruction.

Die Autorin

Irena Nikolova holds a Ph. D. in English from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. She received her M. A. in English from Eastern Illinois University and her B. A. in English from Sofia University, Bulgaria. She has published articles on the poetry of William Wordsworth, the drama of W. B. Yeats, and the European Romantic epic. She is currently teaching at the University of Western Ontario and has also taught at the University of Ottawa.


Acknowledgments xi
List of Abbreviations xiii
The Terms Darstellung and Vorstellung and their Complementary Relationship
Chapter One
Novalis, Friedrich Schlegel, Hegel, Bernhardi, and Nietzsche: The Paradigm of Complementarity
Chapter Two
Beyond the Boundaries of Traditional Genres: Generic Distinctions and Generic Hybrids
Chapter Three
The Riddles of Darstellung: Kleist's "Über das Marionettentheater" as a Response to Schiller's Writings
Chapter Four
Friedrich Creuzer, Walter Benjamin, and the Symbol-Allegory Debate of the Romantic and Post-Romantic Periods
Chapter Five
Keats's Hyperion Poems and the Fragmentation of the Sculpturesque
Chapter Six
Novalis's novel Heinrich von Ofterdingen and the Interpretations of Darstellung
Chapter Seven
P. B. Shelley's The Revolt of Islam and the Crisis of Representation
Conclusion 193
Select Bibliography 197
Index 205



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